Kudos Use Cases

You can find many examples of different use cases for Kudos below. This list of examples is continuing to expand over time as our users keep finding new ways to award their communities!

Access Pass

You can use Kudos to gain entry to events and unlock access to resources gated behind a token. Below is the Alchemy University Early Access Kudos that allows users to access Alchemy University's courses. You can view the detail page of this Kudos here.
A Kudos being used as an Access pass for Alchemy University!

Proof of Knowledge

Kudos are the perfect on-chain solution to serve as a record for course completion. Check out this Kudos (pictured below) from Week Three of Alchemy’s Road to Web3 program for reference!
A Kudos being used as a Proof of Completion NFT for Alchemy's Road to Web3 - Week Three. Kudos are great for education credentialing!

Hackathon Rewards

Kudos are a great way of creating an on-chain award for individuals and teams who place in a Hackathon or win a bounty. Consider adding them as a reward to hackathon/bounty winners, much like a trophy for winning a baseball game! Below is an example of a Kudos awarded for winning a Filecoin & IPFS bounty during web3con by Developer DAO. You can check out the details for this Kudos here.
A Kudos being used to award hackathon winners with a bounty reward from Filecoin & IPFS!

Contributor Recognition

Kudos are a great way to recognize contributors and they also look great on Web3 Resumes! The screenshot below shows a Kudos from the Women Build Web3 community thanking their Community Lead for nurturing good vibes within that community. Check it out here.
A Kudos being used for Contributor Recognition!

Team Shoutouts

Has your team been doing an absolutely awesome job reaching this month's milestone? You can commemorate this by creating a Kudos for your entire team to claim. Check out the Kudos shown in the screenshot below here!
This is a Kudos being used as an award that shouts out awesome contributors on the team!

Proof of Attendance

You can use Kudos to keep track of attendance in your community. Look at the example below to see a Kudos used as Proof of Attendance. You can view the example shown below here.
This is a Kudos given as a proof of attendance award to members of Women Build Web3!
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