Adding the Mumbai Testnet

You can add the Mumbai Testnet to your wallet by following the steps listed below. Using the Testnet will allow you to test many of the features available on MintKudos without actually sending any of the data to the mainnet version of the Polygon blockchain!

From the MintKudos Website

In order to add the Mumbai Testnet from the MintKudos website, it's important to first go to the MintKudos website. Open the MintKudos website at https://mintkudos.xyz and then click the Try me on Testnet link below the "Create Kudos" button.
This shows the MintKudos landing page. Clicking "Try me on the Testnet" will swap to the MintKudos sandbox.
If you have created and logged into your MintKudos account and do not have the Polygon mainnet added to your wallet, you will likely notice the red button near the top of the web page that says Switch Network.
This shows the MintKudos sandbox landing page. If you are not on the Mumbai testnet, there will be a "Switch Network" button.
Click the Switch Network button to either swap to the Polygon mainnet, or you may see a transaction popup window to sign. Once signing the transaction, the red button will go away and you will have successfully swapped networks!

Manually adding Mumbai to MetaMask

If you would like to learn how to manually add Mumbai to MetaMask, you can click on the module below to expand the guide.
Manually adding Mumbai to MetaMask
If you would rather manually add the Mumbai network to MetaMask, follow the steps below!

Step 1: Go to Mumbai's Blockchain Explorer

You can access this by going to https://mumbai.polygonscan.com/​

Step 2: Scroll down!

Scroll down to the very bottom of the site.

Step 3: Click to add Mumbai to MetaMask

Located in the lower right portion of the website is a button that says Add Mumbai Network. Click this and you should get a popup in your wallet prompting you to add the Mumbai network.

Step 4: Swap your network

Now that you've added the Mumbai network, make sure to swap your network over to it.
To do this, open your MetaMask extension and look at the top of your wallet. You may see Ethereum Mainnet here or whichever network you're currently connected to. Click the drop-down menu and select Mumbai.

Still don't see Mumbai?

You may need to enable test networks on your MetaMask.
To do that, click the network drop-down menu on the top of your MetaMask extension, then click show/hide test networks. This will cause your MetaMask to swap over to the Advanced tab to the Show test networks switch. Make sure that it is toggled on to activate it. Repeat Step 4 and you should now see the Mumbai network on your list! 🥳
Great job adding the Mumbai Testnet! You can click on the Next button below to proceed to the next section of the documentation.