MintKudos on Testnet

Want to test the features of MintKudos without being on the Polygon Mainnet? MintKudos offers a testnet version of the application, allowing you to try out features without worrying about public record mainnet transactions.


The following prerequisites are required in order to use MintKudos on the testnet:
  • A wallet such as MetaMask.
  • Access to the Mumbai testnet.
If you need help with creating a wallet, check out our MetaMask guide here: Sign in with MetaMask​
In order to use the MintKudos on Testnet feature, you will need to make sure that the Mumbai testnet is enabled on your wallet of choice!

Accessing MintKudos on The Testnet

You can access MintKudos on the testnet by navigating to the MintKudos website at https://mintkudos.xyz and then clicking the Try me on Testnet link beneath the Create Kudos button.
Alternatively, you can access the direct link by navigating to https://sandbox.mintkudos.xyz/.
You can now test MintKudos features without being on the Polygon mainnet. Check out the following guides below to learn how the MintKudos Creation, Claiming, and Viewing processes work!

Available Processes