Step 3: Testing features

If you followed the previous steps, your setup will be complete. It's time to test out the MintKudos Discord Bot's /kudos command!
Go to a channel that has MintKudos Discord Bot features enabled, then start typing the backslash (/) key. A list of commands should pop up.
This screenshot shows the list of commands that show up on Discord after typing the "/" key. The /kudos send command can help you create and send a Kudos via Discord!
Select the /kudos send command by clicking it or pressing the tab button on your keyboard. A few fields will appear:
  • title: The title of your Kudos.
  • message: The message (description) of your Kudos.
  • recipients: The recipients of your Kudos. You can mention members. Please note that they will need to have their Discord profile connected to their MintKudos profile.
  • links: Any relevant links for this Kudos. This field is optional!
A screenshot showing the example of a complete /kudos send command.
Press enter to submit the information. You will receive a message saying "Processing request..." It should disappear after a moment or two, then you will be presented with a screen that says "Connect your wallet to finish sending kudos". Click the Connect Wallet button to proceed.
A screenshot of the Connect Wallet module for the MintKudos Discord bot.
Next, you will get a popup letting you know that you are navigating away from Discord. Click the Yep! button to open the MintKudos website and you will be able to review your details before submitting the Kudos to the blockchain!
This screenshot shows the alert that Discord shows whenever you are opening a link to another website.
Click on the Send Kudos button at the bottom to proceed. If it prompts you to swap networks, simply click the Switch to Polygon Chain button to swap (or add and swap) to the Polygon network. Note: If you have any issues with swapping, try connecting your wallet first using the Connect wallet button in the upper right corner of the website.
This is the Review page for our newly-created Kudos! Click the Send Kudos button to proceed.
Now, all that's left to do is to sign the transaction in your wallet, the MintKudos Discord bot will leave a message in the channel showing both the sender and receiver of the Kudos. The receiver(s) will be able to claim the Kudos using the Claim button.

Claiming via Discord Bot

The MintKudos Discord bot will mention you on Discord whenever you have a Kudos to claim! Simply click the Claim button to get started with the claiming process.
This shows the claiming module for the MintKudos Discord bot.
You may get a warning on Discord letting you know that you're navigating away from the app. Click Yep! to continue. The Kudos details should launch in your browser.
This is what the Kudos claiming page looks like.
Review the details, and if the Kudos sent seems like one that you'd like to claim, press the Claim button.
You can view different methods of creating Kudos in our Kudos Creation Process guide below.