Step 2: Configure permissions

Now that we have successfully installed the MintKudos Discord bot, it's time to configure permissions. Near the top left of your Discord server, click the dropdown arrow next to your Discord's name to open the settings menu.
This shows a Discord server. There is a drowndown arrow located near the upper left of the server. Clicking it will open the menu.
With the settings menu open, click on Server Settings to open your Discord's server settings.
This shows the dropdown menu on Discord. You can click on "Server Settings" to launch your server's settings.
Now that you have the Server Overview open, click on the Integrations tab under the "Apps" section on the left side.
Scroll down the next page until you see the Bots and Apps section. Look for the Kudos bot and click the Manage link near the right side of the Kudos bot module.
The "Integrations" section of the Discord Server Settings. This is where we can add bots, apps, and more.

Roles & Members Category

You can add new roles by clicking the Add Roles or Members button. Any member or role under this category will be able to use the /kudos send feature.
This shows the Command Permissions section of the MintKudos Discord bot.

Channels Category

You can add channels that the MintKudos Bot will have its features enabled in. In the screenshot above, the 📤│send•kudos channel has MintKudos Bot features enabled.

Commands Category

This section just displays the available commands from the MintKudos discord bot. Only the /kudos command is enabled, allowing users to send Kudos to another member.