Step 1: Install the bot


Below, you will find the instructions on how to set up the MintKudos Discord bot on your server. It is recommended that you follow each instruction step-by-step.


In order to successfully set up the MintKudos discord bot, it's important that you satisfy the following prerequisites:
  • Discord account: To set up an account and install the app, visit the official site at discord.com.
  • Discord server with admin privileges: You will need access to a Discord server with admin privileges enabled. This can be an existing server or a new server. If you'd like to learn how to create a new server, click the expandable module below!
  • A wallet: You will need a wallet like MetaMask in order to use MintKudos features. Check out our Sign in with MetaMaskguide for more information on how to create a MetaMask wallet.
  • A MintKudos account with Discord linked: You will need to link your Discord account to authenticate via wallet.
How to Create a Discord Server
This is a basic guide to creating a new Discord server. By default, creators get admin access which is needed for implementing our MintKudos Discord bot.

Step 1: Install Discord

Go to the Discord website to download and install the Discord app or launch it from a browser. It should prompt you to set up an account. Follow the steps to set up an account, then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Create a new server

You can create a Discord server with admin privileges by opening the app and clicking the + button. Select a template, select or skip the option on the "Tell us more about your server" page, create a name for your server, then press the Create button.
You should now be able to proceed with installing the MintKudos Discord bot.

Linking Discord to MintKudos

Sign in to the MintKudos website and then navigate to your profile. Click the Edit Profile button to launch your profile settings, then click the Connect Discord button. Follow the prompts on Discord to link your accounts.
This shows the profile page on the MintKudos website. Clicking the Connect Discord button will allow you to connect your account with MintKudos.

Add Bot to Server

To get started with the setup process, you will need to add the MintKudos Discord Bot to your Discord server.
This can be done by clicking here or by pasting the following link in your browser: https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=937243873326039091&permissions=2048&scope=applications.commands%20bot.
Under the Add to Server section, click on the dropdown menu and then select the name of your Discord server. Press the Continue button to proceed.
This shows how to add the MintKudos Discord bot to a Discord server.
On the next screen, you will see the permissions that the MintKudos bot asks for. Click the Authorize button to proceed.
The authorization screen on Discord. Click the Authorize button to add the MintKudos bot to your Discord server!
Next, you will need to check the box and complete the captcha to prove that you are not a bot.
This shows that a captcha completion is required in order to add the MintKudos Discord bot to your server.
After successfully completing the captcha, you should get a message saying that the MintKudos bot has been authorized.
This screen shows "Authorized" after the MintKudos bot has been successfully connected to the discord server.
Now that the bot has been authorized, the next thing we will need to do is configure the permissions. In the next section, we will discuss how to set up permissions for the MintKudos Discord bot. Click the Next button located on the bottom right section of this page.