Viewing via Rarible

Rarible is another popular platform for collectors in the web3 space. There are two ways to view a Kudos NFT on Rarible. Feel free to follow your preferred method down below. We recommend accessing Rarible through the MintKudos website!

Accessing Rarible through MintKudos

Go to the MintKudos website at https://mintkudos.xyz and then sign in. Navigate to your profile and then, under any of the tabs (Received, To Claim, or Sent), click on a Kudos of your choice to open its details.

From the Received Kudos details

After signing in to the website and navigating to your profile, click on a Kudos that you own. You will see a button that says Rarible. Click the Rarible button to view the Kudos directly on OpenSea.
This shows the Kudos detail page. You can click on the Rarible button to launch the Kudos' details on Rarible.

From the Kudos Claim page

If you access a Kudos from a claim link, you can always click the Rarible button to view it directly on Rarible.
This shows the Kudos details from a Kudos claim page. Click the "Rarible" button to launch the Kudos details page on Rarible.