Viewing via OpenSea

There are two ways to view a Kudos on OpenSea. The easiest way to do this is through the MintKudos website, but you can also expand the module below to learn how to view your Kudos directly from the OpenSea website if you'd like!
How to view directly from OpenSea
OpenSea is one of the largest marketplaces when it comes to Ethereum and Polygon. You can view your Kudos on OpenSea by following the steps below:

Step 1: Head to OpenSea’s website

You can access OpenSea's website directly at https://opensea.io.
Alternatively, you can access your Kudos’ OpenSea link under the Received section of your MintKudos profile. Simply click on the Kudos display card under the Received tab and click on the View on OpenSea button. This will launch OpenSea in a new window and will open up the direct link to the Kudos’ page.

Step 2: Sign in to OpenSea

You can sign in to OpenSea by clicking the wallet icon in the upper right corner of the site (near the shopping cart icon). Connect your Kudos wallet (via MetaMask, WalletConnect, etc).
Step 3: Accept and sign
After connecting your wallet, you’ll get a popup in the middle of your screen asking you to agree to OpenSea’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. You can click on the links to read them if you’d like. If you want to use OpenSea, you’ll need to click the Accept and sign button. This will prompt a wallet transaction to pop up. Sign this free transaction to start using your OpenSea account.
You should now be signed into your account on OpenSea.

Step 4: Unhide your Kudos

Assets on the Polygon network are usually hidden by default on OpenSea. You can unhide them by clicking the More tab and then navigating to the Hidden option. You should see your Kudos under this tab. To unhide your Kudos, simply click on the three dots ... and then click the Unhide button. A window will pop up on the right side of the screen asking you to confirm that you want to unhide the Kudos or other selected assets. Click the Continue button.

Accessing OpenSea through MintKudos

Go to the MintKudos website at https://mintkudos.xyz and then sign in. Navigate to your profile and then, under any of the tabs (Highlights, Received, To Claim, or Sent), click on a Kudos of your choice to open its details.

From the Received Kudos details

After signing in to the website and navigating to your profile, click on a Kudos that you own. You will see a button that says OpenSea. Click the OpenSea button to view the Kudos directly on OpenSea.
This shows the Kudos detail page. You can click on the OpenSea button to launch the Kudos on OpenSea's website!

From the Kudos Claim Page

If you access a Kudos from a claim link, you can always click the OpenSea button to view it directly on OpenSea.
This shows the Kudos claim page. You can view it on OpenSea by clicking the OpenSea button!