Viewing via Instagram

Kudos can be viewed on Instagram! This guide will walk you through how to enable digital collectibles and view your Kudos and other NFTs on Instagram.
This guide will assume that you already have an Instagram account setup.

From Your Instagram Profile Page

Open the Instagram app and navigate to your profile page by tapping your profile icon in the lower right corner of the app. Once on your profile page, tap the hamburger menu located in the upper right corner of the app to display your profile menu.
This shows the Instagram mobile app on the user's profile page.
Near the lower half of the options, tap the option labeled Digital Collectibles.
This shows the Instagram profile menu. Tap the "digital collectibles" tab.
You will see blue text reading Connect wallet, click it to proceed.
This shows the Digital Collectibles page. By default, you will need to connect your wallet.
On the next screen, you will see info about how the feature will work on your Instagram after toggling it on. Tap the Get started button to proceed to the next screen.
This page shows information on how the digital collectibles feature works.
The next screen will proceed to show more information. This one will give a bit of details about how digital collectibles work. Read the information and tap the Continue button whenever you're ready to proceed.
This page shows more information regarding how digital collectibles on Instagram work.

Select a Wallet

Now it's time to select a wallet of your choosing to log in. We recommend using MetaMask, Coinbase wallet, or Rainbow. Once you have decided, make your choice then tap the Continue and agree button to proceed.
This shows the "Select a wallet" page for Instagram Collectibles.
Note: The demonstrations below will be showing how to connect using MetaMask.
Your wallet app will launch and you should receive a popup asking to connect your wallet with Instagram. Tap the Connect button to proceed.
This shows the MetaMask mobile notification after trying to connect to Instagram with MetaMask.
Afterward, you will get a popup saying "Connected to Instagram - Please check the application". Open the Instagram app and you will notice a "Verify your wallet" popup. Click the Open Wallet button to prompt the Sign this message? transaction in your wallet. Tap the Sign button to proceed.
This is showing the message sign request. Tapping 'Sign' will sign the transaction and allow us to connect our wallet to our Instagram account.
If successful, you will see a popup on the Instagram app saying that your wallet has been connected. You can adjust the privacy settings if you'd like, but for this tutorial, we will be selecting the OK button to continue.
This shows MetaMask issuing the "Connected to Instagram" popup at the bottom of the app.
Any valid collections from your wallet will be displayed. Kudos may show up under the Untitled collection category. Click this category to view your collected Kudos. After you are on the collection page, just tap on the Kudos that you want to view.
This shows the Digital Collectibles tab on Instagram after a wallet with assets like Kudos has been connected!