Step 5: Share your Kudos

You've created and minted your Kudos, now it's time to share it! You can press the copy button to copy the link to your clipboard. Simply paste the link wherever you'd like to share it.
Additionally, you can click the QR code icon to generate a QR code for the claim page of your Kudos!
With the Share page, you can easily share your Kudos via link, QR code, or Twitter!
You can also click the Twitter icon to tweet out the claim page of your Kudos. Doing so will launch Twitter with an auto-filled tweet that you can customize to share your awesome creation!
What the share feature on Twitter looks like. It features a clickable link that goes directly to the Kudos' page.
Congratulations on creating a Kudos! In the next section, we will be discussing all the different ways to claim a Kudos! You can click the Next button below to move on to the next section!