Step 4: Review and submit

We’re almost done! Review the data presented on your screen and make sure that it is correct. This is the final step before submitting.
The top portion of the Review page for Kudos. Make sure this information is correct!
If the details look correct to you, click the Send Kudos button to initiate a transaction and finalize the details. (note: we pay the transaction fees for our users!)
This shows the bottom of the Kudos Review page. If the information looks correct, press the "Send Kudos" button!
After pressing the Send Kudos button and signing the transaction, your Kudos will be queued up to mint! This should only take a few seconds to complete. You should see a popup in the lower left-hand corner that says “Transaction pending...”, next to this is a Link button. You can click the Link button to open the transaction on PolygonScan (The Polygon blockchain explorer).
This shows a pending transaction. Your Kudos is currently minting when it's in this stage!
After a few seconds pass, you should be redirected to the Kudos share page. Click the Next button down below in the lower right section to head to Step 5: Share your Kudos to learn more about Kudos distribution methods!