Step 3: Set claim conditions

Now that we've filled in the details of our Kudos, it's time to set up the claim conditions. You can view the details of each claim condition by expanding the list below.
Kudos Claim Conditions
  • Allowlist (Recommended): You can use the allowlist to enable your Kudos to be claimed by specific users. You can add any Polygon wallet address. ENS domains work as well! Allowlists are great whenever you are using Kudos that gate access to an event or community!
  • Anyone with the link: If you want your Kudos to be claimable by any user with the link, click this option to enable it. If you choose this option, you'll be presented with a claim link that you can share with others. This could be useful if you are wanting to share a cool Kudos publicly for many people to claim.
  • Token claim expiration: You can use this option to set an expiration date so that the claim window of your Kudos closes after a certain period of time. This can be useful for time-limited events like technical workshops.
Once you have decided on claim conditions, press the Next button to continue.
For this tutorial, I am going to allowlist two wallet addresses. One is an ENS domain and the other is a standard wallet address! Feel free to use the screenshot below for a reference.
This shows the "Distribute Kudos" page which is where you can set your claim conditions such as allowlisting addresses.
After you are satisfied with your claim conditions, you can press the Next button. Now you are ready to proceed to Step 4: Review and Submit by clicking the Next button below in the lower right area of this page.