Step 2: Define details

Now that you are logged in with your method of choice, we can start customizing our Kudos! At the end of the creation process, we will end up creating a Kudos like the one pictured below.
This is the Kudos review page. It shows details like the headline, description, and more.

Kudos personalization

Kudos are meant to be personalized, so we made sure to include many different fields to help users customize their creations.
You can customize the following fields:
  • Headline
  • Message
  • Community
  • Start and End date
  • Links
  • Upload file (requires community admin access)
You can read about the details below to gain a better understanding of each element on the Kudos creation form.


If you're using the default templates, your headline will show up in the center of the Kudos.


This is the message that will be minted onto the Polygon blockchain and will be tied to your Kudos' metadata.


This is the community that the Kudos is meant for. It will appear under the Community tab if you are an admin. If not, it will appear under the community's 'Hidden' tab.
Don't have a Community yet? Check out our Onboarding with the Community feature guide to read more about how enable the feature and how it works.

Start Date

The date that the event or accomplishment takes place on.

End Date

The end date of a time period relevant to that Kudos. This date could be the end of an event like a conference or hackathon, or something else.
Any relevant links can be included here. You can add additional links by clicking the Add Link text.

Upload File

This is a feature that requires community admin to be enabled. If enabled, this feature allows you to upload your own file.
The following file types are supported up to a total of 20MB in size: JPEG, PNG, GIF, and most video file extensions like MP4.
Once you've filled in all the details in the form, click the Next button to proceed.
An example of a filled out Send Kudos form.