Sign in with MetaMask

MetaMask is one of the most popular crypto wallets that holds different types of assets. You can follow the steps below to create install the extension. Additionally, a wallet setup guide is included further down this section.

Installing the MetaMask extension

Step 1: Visit MetaMask's website

You can access MetaMask's website at https://metamask.io.
This shows what the MetaMask download website looks like. You can click on either button to download the extension.

Step 2: Add the extension to your browser

After clicking either Download button, you will be directed to your browser's extension store. More specifically, this will direct you to the actual page to install the MetaMask extension. Click the Add to Browser button.
This shows the Chrome Web Store page for the MetaMask extension. Click "Add to Chrome" (or whichever browser you're using) to install the extension.
You should consider pinning the extension to your browser for easy access. This can be done on Chrome by clicking the puzzle piece icon and then pressing the pin icon next to the extension that you'd like to pin.

Creating a MetaMask Wallet

Now we will create a wallet using MetaMask! You will notice that a new tab opened that says Welcome to MetaMask, click the Get Started button to proceed.
This shows the "Welcome to MetaMask" screen. Click the "Get started" button to proceed.
Next, you'll be presented with an option to opt-in or out of sending usage statistics to help improve MetaMask. Review the information listed, then select an option of your choosing. (Note: You can always opt in or out later via Settings.)
This shows the "Help us improve MetaMask" page. You can select either option here.
After making your choice, you will then be prompted to create a password for your wallet. This password will be required every time you need to log in to MetaMask, so it’s important that you set it to something secure and easy to remember.
Agree to MetaMask’s Terms of Use to continue. After that, press the Create button to proceed to the next step.
This shows the MetaMask - Create password page. Create a secure password for your account.
Now you'll see a page containing information about securing your wallet. The most important tip is to never share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone. A Secret Recovery Phrase is like a master key to your wallet and any assets that your wallet may have.
This shows the MetaMask - Secure your wallet page. It has an informational video and tips about how to keep your wallet secure.
You will now be presented with your Secret Recovery Phrase after clicking Click here to reveal secret words. Write this down on paper and store it in a secure location. You will only be able to proceed to the next page once you have revealed your secret phrase.
Your Secret Recovery Phrase can be found on this page. You can click to reveal your secret phrase or download your phrase on an external USB or hard drive.
On the next page, you will be asked to enter your Secret Recovery Phrase in the exact order shown on the previous page. Simply click on the words in order to add them to the blank slots on the page. Once you’ve successfully entered your Secret Recovery Phrase, continue on to the next page.
This is the "Congratulations" page that will show when a MetaMask wallet has been successfully created. Click "All done" to proceed.
If you get to the Congratulations page, then you’ve successfully set up your MetaMask wallet! Click All Done to access your wallet!
Head back to the MintKudos website at https://mintkudos.xyz and sign in with your wallet!
After signing in with your MetaMask wallet, you are now ready to proceed to the next step, Step 2: Define details.
You can click the module above to visit the next step in the creation process. Alternatively, if you want to learn how to create and use a Coinbase Wallet to sign in, click the Next button located at the bottom right of this page.