Claiming via MintKudos Discord bot

You can claim Kudos through the MintKudos Discord bot!


  • A community with the community admin role enabled. Click here to learn more information about onboarding your community to MintKudos.
  • A discord server with the MintKudos bot functionality enabled. Check out our MintKudos Discord Bot guide for more information on how to set up the discord bot.
Once you have followed the prerequisites, you can proceed to claiming.

How to claim a Kudos on Discord

If you have been sent a Kudos on a Discord server that has the MintKudos Discord Bot integrated, you should see a message in whichever channel the bot posts updates.
The MintKudos Discord bot will mention you on Discord whenever you have a Kudos to claim! Simply click the Claim button to get started with the claiming process.
This shows the claiming module for the MintKudos Discord bot.
You may get a warning on Discord letting you know that you're navigating away from the app. Click Yep! to continue. The Kudos details should launch in your browser.
This is what the Kudos claiming page looks like.
Review the details, and if the Kudos sent seems like one that you'd like to claim, press the Claim button.