Claiming via Claim Link

This is the Kudos claim page.

Claiming via Social Media Post

If you received a Kudos claim link from someone (via social media, instant message, etc), you can click on it to open up the claim page for that specific Kudos. If you are already signed in, it should autofill with your wallet address. If not, you may need to paste your address into the field.
Once you navigate to the claim page, you can press the Claim button near the top of the page to claim it.
After signing the transaction, the Kudos will be stored under your wallet address and can be viewed under your MintKudos Profile page. You can claim Kudos from a social media post (like Twitter) by clicking on the link within that post. In this example pictured below, we have a Kudos link on Twitter. Click on the link preview to open that Kudos’ claim page!
This shows an example of a Tweet sharing a Kudos claim link. There is a clickable link preview that will take the user to the Kudos claim page.
Once on the claim page, simply input your wallet address, then click the claim button to add the Kudos to your account. If it's a Kudos with an allowlist, you may need to sign the transaction to initiate the claim process. Gas is covered by our team!
This is what the Kudos claim page looks like after the claim link is clicked. You can enter your wallet address or ENS domain to claim.
After a few seconds, the transaction should process and the Kudos will be stored under your wallet address.