Claiming via QR Code

If you are presented with a QR code for a Kudos, simply open the Camera on your mobile device and scan it. It should have a browser popup, press it with your fingers to open the claim page on your mobile device.
I have the MetaMask app installed on my mobile device, so it showed me a popup (screenshot example below) asking if I'd like to connect to the MintKudos website. Click the Connect button.
This is what MetaMask shows after scanning a Kudos QR code. It prompts the user to connect to the MintKudos site at first.
Once on the claim page, you can input your wallet address to verify if you're on the allowlist or if the 'anyone with the link' option was selected, it will allow you to initiate a wallet transaction to claim that Kudos.
This is what the Kudos claim page looks like on a mobile device.