Overview of MintKudos

This shows an example of a completed Kudos.

What is MintKudos?

​MintKudos is a platform that allows users to celebrate their community's achievements, participation, and contributions through digital, soulbound rewards called Kudos. Each Kudos token represents some achievement in the form of a non-transferable token on the Polygon network.
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What are soulbound tokens?

What can Kudos be used for?

Kudos make a great reward solution for all sorts of awards and accolades. Here are some scenarios where awarding Kudos could be useful:
  • Winning Awards
  • Hitting a project milestone
  • Completing a job
  • Organization & job position credentialing
  • Proof of donation for a cause
  • Being an exceptional performer / contributor
  • Participating in an Event (attendance award)
  • Leveling up a skill
  • and many more...
You can check out our Kudos Use Cases section to view examples of Kudos in different use cases.