Overview of MintKudos

This shows an example of a completed Kudos.

What is MintKudos?

​MintKudos is a platform that allows users to celebrate their community's achievements, participation, and contributions through digital, soulbound rewards called Kudos. Each Kudos token represents some achievement in the form of a non-transferable token on the Polygon network.
The front page of the MintKudos website.
What are soulbound tokens?
We mentioned earlier that Kudos are soulbound tokens, but what does that mean?
A soulbound token is a non-transferable token issued on the blockchain. In the case of Kudos, users can only receive a Kudos after consenting to claim it. Think of the Kudos claim process as choosing whether or not to accept an award for something (like an Emmy for a movie).
After a user consents to claim the Kudos (via the claim button), the Kudos will get sent to the user’s wallet address. We will talk more about the claiming process later on in the documentation.

What can Kudos be used for?

Kudos make a great reward solution for all sorts of awards and accolades. Here are some scenarios where awarding Kudos could be useful:
  • Winning Awards
  • Hitting a project milestone
  • Completing a job
  • Organization & job position credentialing
  • Proof of donation for a cause
  • Being an exceptional performer / contributor
  • Participating in an Event (attendance award)
  • Leveling up a skill
  • and many more...
You can check out our Kudos Use Cases section to view examples of Kudos in different use cases.