Who's behind MintKudos?

We are a team of 6 full-time developers, designers, and product managers based mostly on the US west coast! We've been working on MintKudos full-time since March 2022 and it's been our passion to help communities recognize and engage their valued members. For more information on us, visit our careers page.

How can I contribute to MintKudos?

Although it's in our roadmap, we haven't open-sourced our project just yet. We want to open-source everything once we feel that it's in a good state to receive help from the community
That being said, there are two types of opportunities you may consider if you would contribute to the MintKudos project: full-time positions and grants.

Full-time Positions

We are always looking to expand our core team! If you feel like you'd be a great match, please check out our careers page!


We're also giving out grants on a case-by-case basis for anyone who wants to build up the MintKudos ecosystem. Here are just a few ideas (but please come to us with any other ideas too!):
  • build an SDK for the MintKudos API
  • integrate MintKudos into platforms like Discourse so participants can easily see their badges
  • integrate MintKudos into an app that's built on top of Lens Protocol
  • integrate MintKudos into Guild.xyz to token gate channels based on Kudos ownership
  • integrate MintKudos into Snapshot so you can give out Kudos after voting
Please contact us in the #grants-suggestions channel in our Discord server!

Where do I go for any questions?

Please contact the engineering team on the #developers channel in our Discord server. If you prefer email, please email us at gm <at> contributionlabs.io.
When asking questions in Discord, please be verbose and send us the question with your first message. During times of high volume, we're unlikely to respond to a "hi". Thanks for your thoughtfulness in advance