Pinning Kudos to Profile

Show off your favorite Kudos by pinning them to your profile! To get started, log in to the MintKudos website and open your profile. Make sure you are on the Received tab. Hover over a Kudos and click on the Pin icon to pin it to your profile's Highlights tab.
This shows the "Received" tab under the Kudos profile page. Hovering over a Kudos shows pinning and removing options.
After you pin a Kudos, you will get an alert that pops up in the lower left corner of your browser for letting you know that your Kudos was added to your highlights. If this was your first time pinning a Kudos, you may not see a Highlights tab until you refresh.
This shows the "Highlights" tab of a MintKudos profile page.

Want to unpin a Kudos?

From the Highlights tab of your MintKudos profile, hover your mouse over a Kudos and then click on the pin icon to unpin it.