Deleting Kudos from Profile

This shows the MintKudos profile page on the received tab. Hover a Kudos and click on the trash can icon to start the deletion process.
Want to get rid of a Kudos you claimed? No problem! We have a feature that makes it quick and easy to burn (delete) a Kudos you claimed in the past.
From the MintKudos website, head to your profile's page and make sure you're on the Received tab. Afterward, hover over a Kudos that you'd like to delete and click on the trash can icon. You will be presented with an alert asking if you want to proceed.
This shows the warning before burning a Kudos token! Click Proceed & Burn token to burn the token.
If you are sure, click the Proceed & Burn Token button. Sign the transaction to have the Kudos removed from your account.