Onboarding with the Community feature

Enabling the Community Page

This feature requires admin access! Contact the MintKudos team through this form to get your community added. Just want to see how Kudos works? Check out our Overview of MintKudos for more information!
This is a screenshot of how the community page looks on the MintKudos website. Pictured above is LearnWeb3's Community page.
The Community Page is automatically enabled for any communities created on the MintKudos platform. It shows off official Kudos created by admins of the specific community you’re searching!

How to get a Community added on MintKudos

Make sure to check with your organization to see if your community is already onboarded to MintKudos. Existing admins can add more admins via our "Add Admins" feature.
If you want to get your community added, contact the MintKudos team through this form. We will review and approve your community ASAP.
This is a screenshot of the MintKudos community form.

How to access a Community Page

You can access a Community Page on MintKudos through multiple methods such as through the MintKudos website and through the direct link.

Accessing via Website

You can access a specific community page by going to the MintKudos website, logging in, and navigating to your claimed, claimable, or sent Kudos.
Simply click on a Kudos display card, and under the ‘Community’ section will be the name of the community that created the Kudos. You can click the name of that Community to navigate directly to their community page.
This screenshot shows how easy it is to open a community page from the details of a Kudos. Simply click the name of the community to open the community page.
You can also access a community page through the community's direct link. Note: When accessing a community on MintKudos through the direct link, it's important to know that the name of the community is case sensitive.
An example of a community link looks like this: https://mintkudos.xyz/community/LearnWeb3

Community Page Features

You can view all of the different features on the community page below. Some of the items shown on a community page can only be seen by admins. Please reference the table below for more information.
Enabled for Viewers?
Kudos tab
Members tab
Requests tab
No - requires Admin.
Send Kudos button
No - requires Admin.
Settings button (View hidden Kudos)
No - requires Admin.
Feature Descriptions (Click to expand)
  • Kudos tab: The Kudos tab under the Community Page showcases any Kudos created by the administrators of that community.
  • Members tab: The Members tab of the Community page will display public wallet and ENS domains of Community admins.
    Beneath the list of admins will be a list of any members who have ever created or claimed a Kudos from that specific community.
  • Requests tab: The Requests tab the Community page requires admin to be enabled on your account. Contact the Kudos team to enable community admin for you! With this feature enabled, users can click on a Kudos card and a ‘Request Kudos’ button will appear. Once clicked, they will be redirected to a special form for the specified community. You can have these questions customized and updated by contacting the Kudos team. Once the user fills out the form, they can submit the request. This request will then pop up under the Requests tab of the Community page. Admins can then choose to approve or deny the request.
  • Send Kudos button: The Send Kudos button on the Community page requires admin to be enabled on your account. Contact the Kudos team to enable admin!
    Once the Send Kudos button is clicked, you will be redirected to the Kudos creation process.
  • Settings button (View hidden Kudos): The Settings button on the Community page requires admin to be enabled on your account. Contact the Kudos team to enable admin!
    Currently, the only setting available is the ability to View Hidden Kudos. Clicking this will show Kudos created by members in your community. You can unhide a Kudos from this page by hovering over it and clicking the ‘unhide’ button.
The Community Page features Kudos created by any admin of that Community. When creating a community, the creator will be assigned admin by default. Additionally, community admins can also add more admins. We will take a look at this in the next section below!
This shows the Members tab of a community page.

Adding Admins

Once your community has been onboarded, you will be a community admin by default. The great news is that you easily add other admins to your community!
This shows the Members tab of the Community page from a community admin's perspective. Click the + sign to add more admins!
From your Community's Members tab, click the plus sign (+) next to Admin to start adding more admins.
This shows the Add admin(s) modal that pops up after clicking the + button. Simply add the wallet address(es) or ENS domain(s) and click "add" to add a new admin.
After the "Add admin(s)" modal pops up, all that's left to do is to provide the address(es)/ENS domain(s) of any new admins you want to add. Admins will be able to manage Kudos requests and upload images for new kudos! Click the Add button to finalize your decision. After a few seconds, any address(es) that you put on this list will be added as community admins!